Saturday, December 23, 2006

From a believing soldier in Iraq. A prayer request.

Hello Friends,

I'm part of an online blogging/discussion community: Worldmag blog. The following is posted by Brad. He posted the following in frustration, but then went on to ask believers to pray through his post asn treat it as a prayer request.

Please join us. If you click on his name, you can send him an e-mail. --- Evelyn.

A grievance from a "boot on the ground":

Forgive me for griping.

I have little respect for the civilian politicians here in Iraq. They seem to want the perks/prestige and pay but NONE of the responsibility. The Gov of Diyala Province came here. He came in to greet wounded iraqi troops. We were going to send them to the local Baqouba Gen Hospital. "Oh they cannot go there. It's not safe." Excuse me?? You're the territorial governor. If some place isnt safe you should be able to assign a security detail or battalion for that matter to protect the hospital. [Terrorists walk right in and shoot Iraqi doctors or "finish off" wounded Iraqis.]

The Iraqis claim they cannot do anything with their forces without American approval. Well I'm one American who is now giving his approval for them to defend themselves. Grow a backbone and step up to the plate.
In 2003, 2004 a PA who was here then told me that the Americans provided health care to one and all. The military hospitals and physicians were more or less medical missionaries--albeit with weapons and identical uniforms. Now our ROE (rules of engagemt) wont allow us to see folks who are non-life threatening diagnosis or whose injuries were not caused by us.
We had a LCN (local civilian national) and base employee show up at the gate with his kid. The kid has an infected foot injury or so the report said. We had to send the Dad away. I wonder if he's still proUSA or now siding with the terrorists.
The people we get present with odd wounds. One guy had the back of his shot out. At close range. Powder burns on the skin. One toe amputated. He was obviously the victim of torture. His tormentors left him to die and he was eventually taken to the local civ hospital and they in turn had him brought here. He required about 4u of blood! I think his leg will be amputated above the knee. And all the kids we've had with gunshot wounds to the head? I thought those were just unfortunate victims of stray bullets but now I'm not so sure. I suspect the rebels/terrorists/insurgents threaten the parents by shooting or harming the kids with the hope that it will make the parents cooperate with them.
I'd rather walk into a room with 10 wounded adults than even one child with a bullet wound. We had a call about an incoming 2 yr old with bullet to the head. I dreaded seeing that one but mercifully the child died enroute to us and went directly to the morgue

Yall, what's to be done?? If we will stay here until the local govt and military "stands up" I dont see an orderly withdrawal coming for several years if even then. This nation needs draft horses instead of lazy show ponies.

Posted by: Brad at December 23, 2006 02:11 AM

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