Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Summer of Transition

Some of my children's friends are already married, already parents. Within a month, both of my kids will be legally able to vote. I watch my daughter unknowingly turn heads when she's out in public. I watch my son assemble a bunch of bookshelves, and handle himself like a man. He's already deep into his college major, while in high school. Our daughter is about to move out and spend a year serving and traveling.

Excuse me, but when did this happen? Didn't I just get them out of diapers and teach them to read? Wasn't it yesterday that they were running down the stairs in their pajamas, with the sole aim of getting up on my lap? Didn't Holland just accidentally throw her retainer in the trash at the mall? When did all the toys on the floor disappear?

I'm not sure when all of that passed. How could it happen right under my nose, yet catch me by surprise?

In a recent conversation with a college friend who is expecting twins, we observed the obvious, "Children enter your life, and completely change it." She could say this with great conviction as she has built a wonderful law practice and is now beginning her family.

But, children also change your life tremendously when they leave your home. We're about to let one go for a while: our daughter. So far, we've all had our moments. So far, they haven't happened all at once.

My last moment involved a piano and the sheet music to Butterfly Kisses.
I am going to miss her. But, I would not rob her of this opportunity to go learn and mature.

I can't imagine life without her. She's been around 19 years. Almost 20, if you count the pregnancy.

I'm going to miss her and I wonder what it's going to be like.

I'll keep you posted.