Monday, January 22, 2007

The Most Depressing Day of the Year

Well, it's Blue Monday, what experts have termed the third Monday in January because they figured that this was the most depressing day of the year. By the third week in January, we will have faced up to our credit card debts accrued over the holidays, and we will have come face to face with our failure to carry out our New Year Resolutions. (I don't do those normally.)

It's a little strange to live out the year's most depressing day. Ironically, it's grey and overcast and drizzling rain here in Central Florida. How does one commemorate a "holiday" such as Blue Monday? Should we be sad? Reach out to a depressed person? (Not a bad idea.) Fight the blues? Embrace them?

I guess we could have some fun with it and do up a blue table, with blue plates, salad with blue cheese, play the blues, and have blue jello for dessert. (I think I will.) I'll even do place cards on blue paper, written with a blue marker.

Why not?
Red, White and Blue is for Independence Day
Red and Pink is for Valentines Day.
Green is for St. Patricks Day.
Red and Green is traditional for Christmas.
Blue alone doesn't have a holiday to grace.

Should this be?
Is this fair?

I, for one, will do my part in granting this poor color equal time.
It might lead to a prayer time for someone we know who needs a boost.
Maybe God will give us an idea of who to invite for dinner.
Who knows?

The good news is that we get 2007's most depressing day out of the way early. The other remaining 343 days are bound to be better -- according to the experts.
The day is almost half done!

Here's to a happier tommorow!

By the way, one of our goldfish died. It turns out that he wasn't cute and chubby like we thought when we purchased him, but bloated and very ill.


Weekenderman said...

This makes total sense, in hindsight. All day I was wondering why I didn't have any initiative to write reviews for my music site (, although I did get a number of things done in the morning.

Still, it was only about 20% of what I could have potentially accomplished.

Good thing I completed all my articles Saturday for the Wisconsin paper I write for (stories that aren't actually do until Tuesday).

God is good! :)

By the way, my new column is also completed and can be viewed on my blog ( :)

Anonymous said...

Hey there! I did my part to be cheery! I ordered some components for new turning tools, and they came in today! And we didn't blow a bunch of money on Christmas (we always set a budget) so I don't have that hanging over my head either. But it has been raining and dreary, but hey, that's winter in Georgia. I did take a walk in the rain yesterday. I got a lead on some really pretty wood (Osage Orange) and HAD to go take a look. I'll be in turning heaven once I get some of this stuff on the lathe!

I haven't tried out your spinach puffs, but I did make some cinnamon rolls last night, and raspberry muffins Sat morning. I keep thinking about making Mumsee's peanut butter cookies too. That's an easy recipe to remember isn't it? You tried it out yet?

Make It Man

Anonymous said...

(On Blue Monday)
I suppose K-Mart could have a Blue Monday sale with Blue Light Specials all day. Oh, wait, they do that all year round already!

(peterL wmblog)

Evelyn Glover said...

I'll check it out very soon, Weekenderman! Thanks for visiting!

Evelyn Glover said...

Hi Make it Man!
I have indeed made Mumsee's cookies.
They are incredibly easy and very good! I'll probably publish her recipe for all who missed it on WMB (with due credits ot mumsee, of course).

Your cinnamon rolls and raspberry muffins sound incredible! I have discovered that I do better and feel better when I watch my carbs. But, I make all sorts of exceptions!
Those would definitely be an exception!

Now that the most depressing day of the year is over, we're free to enjoy cooking/baking again! Whew!

Keep me posted on the woodwork.
It sounds exciting.
(Especially the wooden bowls, for some reason).

Vicky said...

I didn't realize Monday was Blue Monday or as the most depressing day of the year until it was over. I'm glad as I had a good day on Monday! :-)

I tried Mumsee's three-ingredient cookies and I didn't care for them at all but my husband loved them so that worked out great!

I have a beautiful wooden bowl that a former boss of my husband's made for us one year but was never sure what to do with it. I used it more as a centerpiece for a long time.

Evelyn Glover said...

Hi Vicky!
Ironically, I was having a pretty good day until I realized it was Blue Monday. It went a little down hill after that.

Mumsee's cookie's must be lower carb than other cookies. My family watches carbs, so these cookies are a good bet.

I'm not a peanut butter fan, but that keeps me down to one or even just half a cookie.

Thanks for visiting, Vicky!

Cheryl D. said...

So sorry about the goldfish! :(