Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Checking in

Lately I've been privileged to walk with some very dear people through transitions, traumas and trials... More than my usual number.

There is so much to learn from watching people weather storms, uncertainty, fear. One thing I see everywhere are God's fingerprints. These aren't the fingerprints found from a guilty party at a crime scene, but the evidence that God is holding us, and our lives through thick and thin and through many trials.

God has brought me comfort over the years through his calling card of butterflies. For one lady it's rainbows, another bunnies, yet another, birds.

But all of us agree. They are reminders that God is on the job watching and caring and being so much bigger and more present than we can fathom. But like the perfect lover, he never forgets to bring chocolate, flowers and poetry.

Just a quick post written on a phone!

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