Monday, November 14, 2011

Work 86

I spent last week in a writer's seminar and have decided to have a go at novel writing. I've always believed I'd write one someday, and they day is here: in my mid 40's. Being a late bloomer really isn't a problem until you compare yourself to early bloomers. So, I will refrain from that dangerous practice. Today, I wrote and edited 1000 words.

But, I do not wish to abandon my artistic quests, so here is another small work. Only God knows if I will be able to balance the two. I surely want to!

Here is:
A Passel of Sweet Peas, 5x7, colored pencil on paper.

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yarska said...

Yay! I'm so happy for you that you're writing. I've had thoughts of writing, but it intimidates me a little.

I wouldn't worry if you don't draw quite as much as you were, now that you are writing. It's another creative outlet, and you should manifest yourself in it. In time, I believe the two arts will merge, where you will write, and illustrate for books perhaps.

I love your no-nonsense style when it comes to colored pencils. It's always so clean and happy, and this one is no different. You seem to know exactly what to add to your picture to make it complete, but no more. Kudos :D

I will try to draw this week. I just finished an experimental drawing that I've been casually working on for a few weeks. Will post it tomorrow, if not tonight.