Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fred's Friend

Today, I officially became a "Friend of Fred's" for the Fred Thompson campaign. Politics are interesting, but I have to confess, I don't 'live' in them, the way that a football fan loves football and lives in a football world.

So, if I'm not all that political, why did I become a friend of Fred's?

I like him and he seems trustworthy and solid.

Likability is largely underrated and it's too bad because the trait of likability has tremendous merit. It doesn't belong to just anybody. Likability is like a fruit from a tree. A bad tree can't bear good fruit, so it is with the intangible goodness in Fred that I want to see modeled for my children.

Fred reminds me of Ronald Reagan. He displays his same affection for people, deference to elders, to those who deserve our respect. I like the way he treats women, and I like the way he treats men. I like the respectful way he treats opponents: graciousness without compromise.

He possesses the civility I'd very much like to see restored in the political arena.

He's well-spoken and can think on his feet. All of these traits combined make him a good representative for our country both domestically and internationally. And the next president is going to have to be good in both arenas.

He has small children.
And there's something about raising small children that makes you a better person: you think about the future, and how your actions impact generations to follow. You're living beyond yourself, sacrificing for their good. You care more. I'd love to see a young family in the White House again.

Like I said, I'm not political. But, I think Fred is worth supporting in order to insure a better future for the next generation. I like the values he embodies, and the style in which he embodies them. He's got more of what's been missing in Washington.

So, I'm posting a link. He'll need prayers, money, encouragement, helpers.

Here's how to donate funds. Every little bit helps:

Donate to Fred's Campaign

Also, here's his campaign website where you can learn more:

Friends of Fred's


Bike Bubba said...

I'm still wavering, but I must admit I like Fred. (I tend towards Huckabee now) I also enjoyed your letter to World when I read it yesterday--hopefully a bit of R&R dulled the pain a bit of grading all those exams!

Evelyn Glover said...

Great to hear from you Bike Bubba!
I have to admit, I've been away too long.

It was fun to have my comment published in World. So glad that my days of grading piles of papers are behind me!

Thanks for your comment, and have a great weekend!