Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Painting a Day, Day 10

Coffee cup and saucer, 4"x6", acrylic on watercolor paper

I have so many important things pressing on my over-taxed mind that it has really been difficult to paint. I'm going to go on an emotional rant: I wish this hot, draining weather this summer would just end. I wish our problems would all resolve and go away. I wish the red sea would part in our lives so we could get to the other side of some exhausting difficulties, And...I don't like the aging process. Or this nasty crick in my neck.

I painted this little cup today because, I didn't want to paint on the frustration level. It was easier than the other things I was painting. I'm also wondering when I'll feel more confidence in my painting abilities.

Tomorrow, I am going to draw using colored pencils. I love this because it will be bliss. It's easy for me as I hope painting will one day be.

*rant off*


yarska said...

Well at least your picture is better than mine! I whipped up a little sketch in about 30 minutes (?). I had zero time to draw today.

Colored pencils will be a nice change for you from paints. Hope it goes well tomorrow :D

Cafeglover said...

Ironically, it took a fairly long time for such a subject: 3 hours or so. I pray it goes better for us both today.