Monday, February 29, 2016

Monday. Leap Year Day

SO, ever since people figured out you can make money blogging, I got messed up.  Of course I'd love to be one of those money-making people.  Problem be one of those people you have to follow 10 steps, monetize, force yourself, etc....  you also have to self-promote.

  I'm so sick of self-promoting e-mails,etc. I have helped others promote.  But...I think I understand now that that is not who I (personally) want to be.  I'd love a readership, but not at the expense of being who I am: an erratically paced person trying to figure out how best to live my life.  People self-promote for millions of reasons, one of them being that they are trying to make a living and support a family.  I salute you if you are one of those people. Honestly.  That is very hard to do. 

I have the same need for money as everybody else, but my body has it's own ideas.  It's absolutely insisted that I stay small and private and keep my stressors at as low a level as possible (as humanely possible); if I don't stay within my limitations I have to spend copious amounts of time trying to recover from deviating. Those times are just terrible.

So I am blogging again, at my pace. For my enjoyment.  And once I say it once on Facebook, that will be the extent of my self promoting.  There's a real freedom in that, actually. This blog is for me, but it's public for those who care to visit.  A comment to let me know you stopped by would be just great, but I don't anticipate any. The web has gotten so huge. These days traffic comes from social networking.  

Speaking of social networking, I have downsized on Facebook.  GOOD GRIEF, it so political.  I'm so sick of politics I could scream. (Once.  Then I'd get exhausted or get a headache and regret the outburst, so NO.)

We started going to church again.  We attended a perspective member seminar on Saturday and both decided "yes".

Church.  That's another topic.  So, I'm going to post this and say adieu to this post and write one called Church.

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