Saturday, November 25, 2006

Decking the Halls , Aching Feet and Remembering God

My feet have been aching for just under a week now, but I can't really blame bad shoes or arthritis or even bunions (I don't think I have any). My feet ache because I've been on a non-stop Christmas decorating spree, at my own house, for the church and for others.

Why can't I do that on a small scale? You know: less is more? Where does all of that go for me over the Holidays? Why is it that I must see pointesettias and nutcrackers and snowmen and nativities in every room? Why is it that late November and all of December meals need to be eaten by Christmas tree light? (I've got three main ones this year: one in the living room, one in the dining room and three in the kitchen. But, they're a grouping so I'll count them as one unit).

I can't apologize for it. For all I know, this could have been God's idea: after all, all of my occasions land between the week of Thanksgiving, all the way to New Years. As you already know from a previous article, we just had our wedding anniversary. My mother's and one of my sister's birthdays are in early December. Mine is right before Christmas. I have a few parties I usually attend, and one I always throw when I'm in town: My Christmas Open House. This is my time of the year!

The weather is wonderfully agreeable this time of year almost everywhere. I love Christmas music; I collect nutcrackers, buy Christmas ornaments wherever we may travel, love Christmas cards, holiday photos, Christmas china, Christmas cookies, hot cider, and hot cocoa. Aside from all of the expense, and the aching feet, what's not to love?

When else can you wear bright colored sweaters and Christmas ornament earrings, play the gift exchange game and sing along with friends? No. It's defintely the best time of the year. Except for one thing... usually my birthday gets completely lost in the shuffle of holiday doings.

Last year, I complained about it to God in prayer. "Lord! I always feel like my birthday gets forgotten in the holiday whirlwind." I stopped and sighed.

And then distinctly heard Him reply to me (not audibly, but better) , "I know what you mean!"
I'm sure He does!

So, the challenge for me is how best to celebrate Christ: the incarnation. For now, I'm going to leave that question open ended for you, gentle reader, to ponder this point.

I do pray, meanwhile, that we will all have a meaningful, God-honoring, relationship-building holiday season this year. May He show us how.

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