Thursday, November 23, 2006


Happy Thanksgiving!

I feel great! And for me, that's saying something. I have struggled for years to be able to say that.
I had gone to doctors, over the past two decades, who were unable to help me. But in recent years, God has led me directly to the people who could help me recover my health. And, like I said: I feel GREAT!


Feeling physically great has helped my perspective in other areas. This Thanksgiving, I'm overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude that I was heretofore, too run down to experience.

I want to praise and thank God for the following things. This won't be an exhaustive list.

1) I've recovered my health after a long season of assorted, non-permanent, yet hindering and debilitating health issues. I feel fantastic, and I'm grateful to God, my doctor, my husband, my parents and the medical community in Cartagena, Colombia and everyone who helped put me on my feet.

2) I'm grateful for my marriage to my best friend, Michael.

3) I'm grateful that our children are still with us, and that we can enjoy the holidays together.

4) I'm grateful for the completion of homeschooling and that I'm now enjoying other pursuits, like this blog.

5) I'm grateful for friends who are like family, and family members who are like friends. Also, I have many, many nieces and nephews, and a few 'sons' and 'daughters'

6) For my children's goals, which they are very excited about. I'm grateful that they have them, but also that they're working towards them, having faith that God is with them. That's exciting to us as parents. They're not only dreaming, they're putting feet to their dreams.

7) For experiencing God through easy times and through trials. I know he'll never leave me or forsake me.

8) That our parents are still among us. I have friends who have lost parents. We know how that changes a person's world. We almost lost one recently, and so we're grateful to still have them.

9) A recovered ability to concentrate. Bible reading has become exciting again!

10) For mentors, teachers and prayer partners.

I'll probably add to this list throughout the day. Those are my initial thoughts.

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