Sunday, November 12, 2006

When to say, "ENOUGH!"

Please read this newstory of how the makers of Borat misrepresented their motives, and then exploited and shamed the dirt-poor villagers they used in their film. These people are the hardest working poor that the film makers could find. And they have been cruelly mistreated.
The film makers actions are utterly reprehensible.
Not everything in life can be treated as a joke. There is such a thing as going way too far as to be abusive.
Please do not support this film. This is why I make this plea:


Today, 11/17, The actor speaks about the film. I include this link in an effort to be fair:


Bike Bubba said...

I would hope that anyone of faith would reject Cohen's work for what they already know about him, but I guess I cannot presume this...

Debbie in Lake Wales, FL said...

I am glad to be made aware of this horrible account of mistreatment to the villagers and of the gross misrepresentation of all the film workers. I have already told several people not to support this film in anyway. Thanks for the info!

cafeglover said...

Bike Bubba:
I had no idea he was famous or infamous.
I knew nothing about him until his movie came out. Neither did many of the people I spoke to.
I don't watch TV, that might account for it.
But, thanks for commenting!
; )

cafeglover said...

Hi Debbie,
I was outraged, too. It still makes me sick.
I don't often take up a cause, but my heart goes out to those trusting, hurt, impoverised villagers.
Thanks for your comment.
= )

Bike Bubba said...

I didn't know about him, either--just read some of the reviews. I hope my first post didn't make me look like a fan of his. :^)

(no worries if so, I need occasional humbling anyways)

On a parallel note, it's interesting to me that friends at work know quite well that modern media are pretty vile--even/especially the non-Christians.

bylerbunch said...

Thank you for posting this. I am outraged as well. But, is that where it stops? As a Christian, what can I tangibly do, besides not go see the film? What if a bunch of us collected some money and sent it to the villagers of Glod to help them? I don't want to just read something like this and be outraged. I want to do something!

cafeglover said...

Byler Bunch,
I felt the same way. That's why I posted it. I had hoped that people would do something, according to how each was led..
I, personally, haven't organized an effort to reach out to these people; but, I figured I could at least make people aware of what happened so that they could choose not to support the film maker.
If you organize something - I KNOW you're good at that- I will post it here.
Thanks for your comment.