Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 43, Painting a Day

Bonsai Tree, Patience. 8"x8", colored pencil on paper

Another one of those long days when I started late. SO much going on, some bewildering changes. The Bonsai tree reminds me that some cutting here, and waiting there leads to exquisite beauty.... We are the same as God trims and prunes us. It takes faith, patience and vision to achieve beauty. I am reminded that it's not all about the result, it's about the journey...The journey itself produces wisdom, insight, faith and even beauty and the appreciation of what a slow process can produce.


yarska said...

The picture is a bit blurry, but it looks like a good drawing from what I can make out. It looks like there's a lot of detail, and the tree has a lot of character. Trees/leaves are so complex!

Cafeglover said...

Many detailed leaves drive me crazy and I think leaves are probably best treated impressionistically.

Now, if this drawing was about the leaves, that wouldn't be true. But, since it is about the whole, I believe it is true here. Thanks for your feedback, Yarska. Love and appreciate it.