Wednesday, October 26, 2011

And Day 81, cont.

I found the subject of pea pods irresistible today and had to do this highly resolved drawing. Look for it to become an oil painting, soon. Love the addition of Koh-i-noor woodless colored pencils to my arsenal of art tools! They are fantastic!

Pea Pods, 5x7, colored pencil on paper.


yarska said...

Looks great! Can't wait to see some paint on that.

I might pick up some of those pencils. they look so nice!

I haven't uploaded anything to my blog recently. I have started a drawing though. I'm taking my time at it. No rushing :D I'll try to draw everyday now, just not finish a whole thing necessarily.

Cafeglover said...

Yarska, Thanks!
I fully applaud that! I definitely think the initial challenge of producing a completed work a day for a season helped put us on the right road, but I don't think it's the ideal pace at all to produce art in the long run. How do you feel about posting photos of work in progress?

yarska said...

I don't have a good camera to take pics, so I'd have to scan it in each single time. I guess I could, but it would be a lot better if I had a better scanner.

I'll post WIP pics if I get around to it, but I'm not going to kill myself posting pics :D I'll definitely post the finished product, though.

I think I'll do a week of small, daily pictures every now and then. It's a fun challenge to do a whole picture in a day, but it can be tiresome in the long run.