Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 81, Painting a Day

This is Day 1 of what will most likely be a 2 day painting.
I believe Henri Matisse was able to achieve such simplicity and accuracy of line by painting, as I am, from another work (drawing or painting). I intend to resolve some of my works of the past 80 days into simplified, artsy paintings. This one has been begging for such treatment!


Brian Kinney said...

I'm glad you're not confining yourself to a single day per painting. Some just can't be done that quickly. Have you read any of Matisse's habits in painting? He surely took a long time with some works. I enjoy checking in on yours! -- Brian Kinney

Cafeglover said...

Thank you, Brian! I do prefer a slower pace, it is infinitely more enjoyable, though the daily completed painting definitely served its purpose for a season.
I have seen several impressionist exhibits that show the process along with the completed work: sketches, studies, smaller works, corrections all before the magnum opus. Perhaps that's how much of their time was spent rather than on the actual canvas. That and the fact that, being French, they were living, and spending more time at their meals, not hyper-focusing. That might also account for the beauty they were so able to convey. It's something for me to consider...
I really should do more studies and sketches before painting, too.
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