Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Babies, babies, babies!!

It's been a fun season as my daughter and her two friends who are like sisters have each given birth to healthy baby girls within the last 6 months, making me at once a grandmother (MumZ) for the first time and a fairy godmother for my two little girls who are like grand-nieces.

These little girls are each wonderfully precious and unique. I'm so grateful that God saw fit to send them all within months of each other.

So what does a first time grandmother and fairy godmother do to express my love to these little babydolls?

I have knit, crocheted, made an origami mobile, given teas and hosted little get together for the new group of little sisters/friends/cousins/ fairy godchildren!  I don't know how many projects I've had the pleasure of completing, but this post is dedicated to sharing the photos that I have taken!
Art, in it's various forms is a wonderful way to convey the love!

Above you see the Origami Mobile, and the giant granny square baby blanket and window swag.  You can kind of see the crib skirt.
Here is a closer view of mobile:

Below is a close up, note our dear daughter and granddaughter in the photo!
Here is the crib skirt I crocheted for Wilow's crib.  It took forever, but was so worth the result!
 Finding and redoing this crib for her nursery at our house was a labor of love, and I am very gratified by the results.
Note the blanket on this one and especially note my adorable granddaughter, Willow!

I made two of this blanket, one for my granddaughter, and one for her little bestie, my fairy goddaughter, Avra.

And now for the baby Hats!!
I'll post more hat pictures as soon as I gather them together.

 Here is a dimly lit photo of sweet, little Avra with her dear Mommy, Emily.  Lt. blue is a great color for Avra!  This hat is a ribbed cap, trimmed in white, embellished by a bold white flower.

This hat, I made for a fairy goddaughter, born  in Israel.  I just completed it, it's a ribbed bucket hat topped with crocheted curls and delicately, subtly trimmed with a feminine edging.
I learned a lot making each hat.  I also discovered again that I learn best while doing!

You've already seen this image, it was designed for my granddaughter, Willow, and used as the invitation to the baby shower we threw for our daughter on the occasion of her first child, Willow.

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