Monday, August 15, 2011

Painting a Day, Day 29

Cherry Cupcake, 8x8", colored pencil on paper

I'm really having fun with the sweets and the food pictures. I'm particularly enjoying the clean backgrounds and just the treat for the treat's sake. In most cases, I enjoy looking at the treat more than I would eating it. It's interesting just how visually appealing they are. Eye candy.

Today, I had a request to do lollipops... I've been on the search for just the right ones and would gladly receive suggestion photos to my email! Cheers.


yarska said...

What a lovely cupcake! It looks so tasty. I love how the frosting is billowing over the side of the cupcake. The drop shadow to your EYG is another added delight. I hope mine looks that good!

Cafeglover said...

Thank you, Yarska! The drop shadow/reflection differs slightly from my initials backwards. It is sdg
Soli Deo Gloria. When I read that Bach put that at the bottom of all of his compositions, I wanted to follow suit. It expresses my sentiments, and if it's good enough for Bach....well, enough said, then! I'm glad you noticed that.

yarska said...

I just enlarged the picture and now I see! I love the treatment of the sdg though. It looks like a shadow.

I didn't know Bach did that! That's very cool.