Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Day 49, Painting a Day

Sea Turtle, 9"x12", colored pencil on pastel paper

This one is a bit autobiographical. Just keep swimming... What's ahead? Slow and steady wins the race. This was difficult to photograph because of the size.

Next Day: This one took so long and it's only okay. Why? Wrong paper, the colored pencil just couldn't fill the tooth. Note to self: Pastel paper is for pastels,,,maybe charcoal, too.


yarska said...

It's so cute! The water looks great, as does the reflection. How is pastel paper?

What did you think of my toast?

Cafeglover said...

I did not like the pastel paper for colored pencil. It has too rough a tooth and wasted my pencils down trying to fill the paper.

Pastel paper is good for pastels, or charcoal...but that's it, I think. This would have been much better on smoother paper. I like it anyways, but can't love it because of texture issues.

Cafeglover said...

PS. Did you see the coconuts I did the other day? They're a personal favorite.

yarska said...

Well it's good to know that it's good for charcoal. I want to get some charcoal.

I haven't looked at the coconut. I'll do so right now!