Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 56, Painting a Day

Fortune Cookie, 5x7, Colored pencil on paper

This girl is exhausted! Maybe it's road trip fatigue or dehydration, but going to bed feels so good tonight!

When I was in California, I got a fortune cookie that said "Friends long absent are coming back to you." Now, I put zero stock in fortune cookies, but this one proved true. I haven't seen my friend, Chris aka T.C., in 31 years. It is so good to see her and meet her family. Her daughter, Alice, suggested I do a fortune cookie, because she knew I needed something that wouldn't be terribly time consuming because I'm tired. Her idea, the fact that we ate yummy Chinese food tonight, and the 'fulfillment' of that California cookie's prediction made me say, "Yes! That is today's subject."

Thanks for checking in.

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