Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 68, Painting a Day

Pumpkins, 8x8, mixed media

So much for short cuts! Like I said on Facebook, life is full of lessons, isn't it?
One colored pencil artist advocated blending colored pencil with just a little odorless mineral spirits on a nylon brush. I followed her directions exactly, but was not at all happy with what it did to the paper. It ruined it in my opinion, and I had to work 3 times as hard to get a good effect, but even that was hampered. The paper lost it's tooth, and you need a paper with good tooth when you work with pencil or pastels.

Still, I am pleased with the finished product. Happy Fall!


yarska said...

They look simply fabulous! I like how layered they are. Well, now you know for next time :D

I just bought a new pad of paper. It's the Canson Mixed-Media paper. It seems really nice. Can't wait to draw on it.

Cafeglover said...

Thank you, Yarska. Your encouragement is wonderful. You love orange, too. It's a great, under-rated color! I miss seeing your work! I'm glad you got new paper! ( I never double checked that you got reimbursed via your mom. I asked her to pay you back instead of me. I was hoping the extra could go to paper. But I know things got busy with the kitchen redo.
Miss you!